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Learn to Row Camps 

Our Learn to Row Camps are designed for athletes with no prior rowing experience. We’ll teach you everything you need to know! Athletes can expect to learn the following: 

- The fundamentals of the rowing stroke 

- How to use land training equipment (erg)

- How to handle boats and equipment 

- Rowing specific terminology 

- How to row! 


Overnight Camp: 

Monday 11:00am Check-In. Friday 12:00pm Check-out

The overnight camp mirrors the schedule and experience of the Experienced Camps. Housing and dining costs are included in the Registration Fee ($1200)

Day Camps: 

Monday-Thursdays from 8:00am-12:00pm

These camps are a great option for local athletes looking to try out rowing. Campers are responsible for their own transportation, meals, and lodging. 

Registration Fee: $400


 **If you have limited rowing experience and are unsure whether the Learn to Row or Experienced session will be a better fit for you, please reach out to Allie Lohrenz at ​


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